The World's First Smart Forest City - Green, Sustainable, Awesome!

The World’s First Smart Forest City – Green, Sustainable, Awesome

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Look at the prospect of this city and tell me that it is not part of a Sci-Fi movie! Italian architect firm Stefano Boeri Architetti has designed the plan for the world’s first smart forest city. This marvelous innovation, which will be built in Cancun, Mexico, could become the role model for a totally new type of sustainable urban development!

the world's first smart forest city
Different types of transportation

To give you a clearer picture of this place, here are a few key figures of importance:

  • Size: 557 ha, of which 400 ha of green spaces
  • Number of inhabitants: 130.000
  • A total of 7.500.000 plants from 400 different species
  • A total of 260.000 trees

In other words, you are right now reading about an oasis, a sustainable paradise. When I think of the world’s first smart forest city, I imagine walking through one of those tropical green houses at the zoo; birds twittering, palm trees, little streams and ponds with wooden bridges above them, and this humid, warm air, which in itself is more of a feeling. It is tranquility and happiness that one feels when visiting such a place. When looking at the model pictures of the Smart Forest City, the same feelings arise! Can you relate?

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Green and sustainable through and through

What makes this city model so unique and marvelous is its level of self-sufficiency. It will be 100% food- and energy independent! In order to accomplish this, the city will be surrounded by solar panels and agricultural fields. The food production will receive water from an underground maritime pipe, which leads the sea water into a gigantic basin at the outskirts of the settlement, where it will be desalinated. Once again, major Sci-Fi alert!

solar energy in the world's first smart forest city
100% self-sufficiency
A new form of urban struture

The world’s first smart forest city even redefines urban structure and infrastructure. A hyper-modern mobility system makes the use of vehicles unnecessary within the city limits. Electric and semi-automatic mobility systems ensure that citizens can get around, if they do not want to bike that is.

“The right of each inhabitant to have at his or her disposal all services at a correct pedestrian and cycling distance.”Stefano Boeri Architetti

The fact that this project is based on non-deterministic urbanism makes it even more fascinating. Basically, everything vital to city inhabitants is built and placed strategically and close by. It is the modern city’s prototype for a flexible urban development.

The smart forest city in Cancun may very well serve as a role model for future city projects all over the world. It would certainly be something to visit, or even live, in such a place, wouldn’t it?

All Pictures provided by and property of Stefano Boeri Architetti