The Humpback Whale is Back for Good

The Humpback Whale is Back for Good

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It’s an awesome time to be alive for humpback whales! A study published in October this year, states that globally, the humpback whale population recovery has taken place during the last 30 years. Anyone who has ever laid eyes upon such a beautiful and mystical sea creature knows the importance and weight of such good news!

In the 1950s, the species was close to extinction, with a mere 450 whales remaining in our oceans. Large scale whaling had been the main cause for this depletion. To compare, the number of whales in 1830 was about 27.000. If one goes back even further, namely to the late 1700s, it would have been close to 300.000 whales. So, there is still a lot of work to do!

the humpback whale
Photo by Kivek Kumar on Unsplash

Regardless of what lies ahead, a recovery of 93% of it’s pre-exploitation size is remarkable, for both the species and for us humans! Because what this development shows us, is the proof that a long-term, combined and strict effort to save or preserve something actually can bear fruit!

All those involved will one day be able to tell the story of how they saved the great humpback whale from extinction to their children and grandchildren

If this result could be achieved after a mere 30 years, then imagine what we can achieve in the coming 30, 50 or 100 years! It must have been extremely gratifying to the scientists to both work towards this preservation goal and actually be able to see it through.

The researchers’ work was aided by hyper-modern technology, in form of a density-dependent population dynamics model. Previous research did not have the possibilities of our modern day and age technology. This is why the data collected this time around is much more reliable. It gave the research team a much more complete estimate over the whale population. When the data was calculated and ready, it surprised everyone positively! They had simply not foreseen such a high level of recovery.

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Now, there are other factors that can influence the future development of this species’ development. One is undoubtedly climate change. Another huge challenge is the pollution of our oceans. It is perhaps this area that the global community can focus on next. It is a problem that is huge, but one that can be solved rather quickly as well.

the humpback whale
Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

If we continue to cooperate and combine our efforts to do good and important work, then issues like these will no longer pose a danger, threat or problem to us! We have the means, the will and the knowledge to make this world so much more beautiful! The humpback whale population recovery shows that more than clearly! Let’s build on that and let’s get ot it!

Feature image by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash