Solar Roadways - Cruisin' down the Solar Panel Highway

Solar Roadways – Cruisin’ down the Solar Panel Highway

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It’s futuristic, it’s hyper-technological, and the best thing of all, it’s already a reality! Solar Roadways has come up with an outright mind-blowing technology; specially engineered solar panels that one can, not only walk, but also drive upon! They even have microprocessors in them, which makes this technology, and I really do not find any better way of describing this, a smart road system. Imagine a highway that interacts and communicates with your vehicle! Have I gotten your attention? Good, than by all means, keep cruisin’ down this article!

Solar Panel city at night
Solar Panel city at night
Like a video game, but way cooler!

Look at the picture! Doesn’t it remind you of a video game? Only this one is way cooler, the graphics are much better and it actually exists in real life.

Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways on Youtube

The company’s commercial video on Youtube shows and describes a lot of the products and features, which Solar Roadways develops and offers. Some of them include:

  • Heating elements to prevent snow and ice accumulation
  • Highway lane designs
  • Warning signs
  • Parking lot configurations
  • Solar landing strips for airports
  • Pressure sensitivity and large weight detection
  • LED warning texts
  • Changeable sports courts surfaces
Dreaming of ice free roads in winter

Evidently, the applications are numerous and even Forbes thinks that this kind of technology will be the future of our roadways. The heating is, by far, the most appreciated feature to me, personally. I live in Scandinavia and trust me; we know about iced and snowy roads! I have dreamed about an application like this for many years. That’s why it was especially awesome to received a reply in the mailbox. After a short mail conversation, Julie Brusaw, co-founder of Solar Roadways, was kind enough to answer my interview questions.

I got curious about the original thought, or idea, which consequently manifested itself into Solar Roadways’ technology.

“I credit divine intervention. The idea just came to me one day when we were talking about wanting to help to do something about Climate Change. “

Solar pavement
One of Solar Roadways pilot projects in Sandpoint, Idaho

Other people think of picking up their trash or perhaps using their bikes though and when thinking of the environment and climate change. Julie and her husband Scott think of radically revolutionizing the United State’s entire infrastructure with a futuristic, highly technological road system. People are different, I suppose.

The road ahead is long

Naturally, such an innovative technology demands a ton of time, dedication and money. The company has a long way to go and its long term goals and ambitions are really high. But this is not what this article is mainly about! Instead, All Good Newz wants to highlight and applaud the technology and the people behind it. Rome was not built in one day, neither will a world that’s run by green and sustainable energy!

roadway cartoon

But think of the genius mind behind such an idea. To not only possess the technological know-how, but also to have such a wide and imaginative vision, which, in time, will become part of an entirely new reality, that spells excellence!

So, I wondered how it feels to be able to one day provide societies with such an innovative and amazing technology? 

“We are just getting started but we feel blessed to have so much interest from all over the world.”

And that they do! They receive lots of high-end news coverage, they’re all over social media and they have a very large Facebook page with almost 90.000 followers. Furthermore, the company also managed to raise over 2 million dollars in crowd-funding via Indigogo, which is more than impressive.

Solar Roadways Founder Scott Brusaw
Solar Roadways’ founder Scott Brusaw at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.
What about the future?

In summary, Solar Roadways is an amazing case to study and write about. I am really stoked that they agreed to an interview and it gives me genuine pleasure to write down these words! As All Good Newz always wants to know more about the big picture and things to come, I asked Julie one last question:

What’s the ultimate goal or vision for Solar Roadways? 

“We truly believe SR implemented on a grand scale is the most viable solution to help with the Climate Crisis, put thousands of people to work boosting the economy with green tech jobs and modernizing our antiquated infrastructure in one swoop.”

Altogether, a spot on summary of what the global community will have to focus on from now on! And it will be because of companies such as this one, that change will be made possible. Solar Roadways adequately demonstrates how green technology can be both implemented within, and extremely valuable to our societies. I want to thank them and I wish them the best of luck for their present and future endeavors.

All images property of and provided by Solar Roadways.

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