Brilliant LEGO News - Fully Sustainable Bricks by 2030

Brilliant LEGO News – Fully Sustainable Bricks by 2030


Since 2018, the LEGO corporation has been starting to adapt more sustainable ways of producing their so beloved bricks. In a recent statement, they have announced that LEGO will move away from fossil-based plastics entirely by 2030. It’s really great news for brick fans and environmentalists all over the globe!

According to the latest LEGO news, some parts of the production will be made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugar-cane. So, their new botanical elements, including leaves, bushes, trees and plants, will literally be made out of plants.

“At the LEGO Group we want to make a positive impact on the world around us, and are working hard to make great play products for children using sustainable materials.” – Tim Brooks, Vice President, Environmental Responsibility at LEGO

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The vast LEGO universe stretches beyond the realms of a kid’s room

You surely all remember your LEGO or have kids who play with it ecstatically. Many generations have traveled to the LEGO universe and lost themselves in its wonderful and fantastic realities.

Presumably, everybody thinks that LEGO pieces stay around forever; be it in a basement, an attic or your old room at mom’s and dad’s. By god, I myself still find the occasional old box with some pieces in it. And who, in their right mind, would ever throw away those amazing bricks anyways? Well, actually, many people do! Most of them must probably be parents who stepped on those bricks far too many times. And if they don’t end up with the other household trash, they most likely can be found in all sets of environments, including, the ocean.

LEGO pieces
A LEGO trooper sunbathing at the beach

Maybe you remember the great LEGO spill of 1997? Back in the day, almost 5 million pieces of LEGO were lost overboard in a container, after a gigantic wave struck the container ship Tokyo Express on its way to New York. Now, almost 25 years later, they still wash up at various beaches around Cornwall in Southwest England, in a more or less perfect condition. Regarding plastic’s longevity, that really puts things into perspective. The biggest irony of that particular story is the theme of the LEGO in that container: nautical!

But how exactly is LEGO made anyways?

As it is that resistant and long-lasting, we asked ourselves how LEGO is made. Each year, roughly 20 billion pieces are being produced, which equals 35.000 LEGO bricks every minute of the day! There are over 7000 active combinations of shapes and colors for various bricks and elements.

Obviously, the fact that they are made out of conventional, or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene plastic makes them practically immortal. But they are also produced in a way that makes them nearly indestructible. LEGO bricks are designed to withstand a whopping 950 lbs. That’s why it’s always your foot that seems to crack, never the LEGO piece!

the lego universe
Simple LEGO math for parents:
That one – the shoe = an entire LEGO universe of pain

For decades, LEGO brick fans all over the world have spent hours and hours playing with the awesome bricks. And while many do keep or pass them down the generational ladder, more and more pieces are found in nature. And as LEGO is anything but biodegradable, that is a problem.

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Good LEGO news: Change is on the way

Luckily, the LEGO corporation is putting things into gear to make their production and products highly sustainable and biodegradable. In a recent LEGO news statement, CEO Niels B. Christiansen announced that, apart from working on plant-based plastic solutions, they are also looking at various other suitable materials.

The bricks that are made from sugar-cane are virtually identical to the original types, both when it comes to quality and safety (yes, they still hurt a lot!). That is because the plant-based plastic has the exact same properties as the fossil-based one! With one exception: it is so much better for the environment!

Good lego news
The sustainable LEGO superman

This fact makes us at All Good Newz extra happy, as it shows how well and smoothly the transition to a high level of sustainability can be. We do not have to give up anything or drastically reverse our lifestyle. All it takes is small changes and small adjustments to create a ton of good. That is great news, and LEGO news, indeed!

What about all those Legoland locations?

Of course, if LEGO is going to shift to a fully environmentally sustainable production and to plant-based bricks, they will eventually have to re-build all these Legoland locations. It’s just not a 100% commitment otherwise, is it! 🙂

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