Impossible Foods and the Plant-Based Burger Revolution

Impossible Foods and the Plant-Based Burger Revolution

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The company’s name itself stands for innovation and revolutionary development. Impossible Foods is taking the US ground beef market by storm; with products that are 100% free of meat! Get ready for a delicious story on Impossible Foods and the Impossible Burger!

Stanford University Professor Dr. Patrick O. Brown, founder and CEO of Impossible Foods, is a genius! He looked at the issue of substitute meat in a totally different way and focused on the question: what makes meat taste like meat? Being renowned a biochemist, he, of course, figured out the answer fairly quickly, which in turn resulted in founding this amazing company.

Impossible Foods
The Impossible Burger
Creating the ultimate meat-free hamburger

So what exactly is the Impossible Burger made of then? And how on earth can it taste like a burger? Basically, it contains the following ingredients: water, soy protein concentrate, coconut oil, sunflower oil, natural flavors and a couple of vitamins. It also contains soy leghemoglobin. It is this iron-containing molecule (heme), found in all types of plant- and animal organisms, which makes meat taste like meat! Impossible Foods produces this soy heme through genetic engineering and fermentation. What an awesome discovery!

“Impossible Burger smells, handles, cooks and tastes like ground beef from cows.” – Impossible Foods

I know what you’re thinking now; this is one of those vegan products that tries to imitate meat but tastes like cow dung. I hear ya! But keep reading and consider this: the Impossible Burger is served in over 17.000 restaurants all over the USA. More and more industry-leading grocery stores are selling Impossible Foods products and the company is now looking towards the gigantic Chinese market in order to expand. This aggressive and rapid market take-over would not be possible if the product wouldn’t deliver what it promises!

Impossible Foods Burger
Impossible Burger remains the No. 1 item sold at grocery stores on the East and West coasts

Last month, Impossible Burgers outsold cow-based ground beef in several grocery chains in the U.S.! We are talking about the #1 burger-loving country in the world! This news really made an impression on me. If countless people all over the States are okay with eating meatless hamburgers, then we can be very hopeful regarding the efforts to make global food production more sustainable and green!

Impossible Meat
All pictures property of and provided by Impossible Foods

Animal agriculture consumes vast amounts of resources. If awesome innovation and science can provide us with practically the same product for a mere fraction of these resources, then bring it on Impossible Foods! Make that global food system transformation possible!

Personally, I cannot wait for Impossible Foods and the Impossible Burger to make their market entry into Europe. The only thing left to say is Yummy!, along with an honest thank you to Impossible Foods!