Finland's New Prime Minister - Young and Powerful Women in Politics

Finland’s New Prime Minister – Young and Powerful Women in Politics

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She will perhaps become the symbol for an entirely new era in politics! Finland’s new prime minister Sanna Marin, 34 years old, is the youngest government leader in the world. She, alongside many other very successful and progressive women, represents the new face of world politics! Young, driven and very successful leaders who have the power to bring about real change.

Would anyone have thought it possible that a 34 year old woman could become the political leader of any country only 30 years ago? The answer is probably no. Hence, we are right now experiencing tremendous and rapid change, for the better, I might add.

Ordinarily, All Good Newz does not cover any political content, but this article is not about the political side of the story, per se. It’s about the ongoing shift in world politics, about it’s new faces and, primarily, it’s new genders! Because, let’s face it, the world has always been, and remains to be, run by old people. Most of them are male and many of them have not done a very good job, to be frank.

The old ways are slowly fading

Finland’s new prime minister is only the latest example of a series of events that are challenging the old ways. If one looks towards the United States, one can observe the exact opposite of that development, personified in a certain president, who shall remain unnamed (this is a good news site, after all). But even in the States, change and progress are slowly finding their ways into politics!

A strong American female politician
Image by Franmarie Metzler; U.S. House Office of Photography, archive copy at the Wayback Machine, Public Domain,

American republican Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is another example of a strong and powerful female politician. A member of the so called Squad, 30 year old (!) Ocasio-Cortez has openly and aggressively challenged the country’s president, regarding his racist and sexist rhetoric.

Once again; we are not focusing on the political agenda of these politicians. Obviously, they have different stand points, views and practices and it remains to be seen how they will affect or rule their respective countries. That is not up to us to comment on or debate! What’s worth highlighting here is the mere fact that it becomes more and more usual and common for both young women, as well as women with various kinds of ethnic backgrounds, to achieve political greatness.

There is solid scientific evidence, as well as real life proof, that women in fact can change politics for the better. Examples include the following:

  • They are a role model to young girls and women
  • Women can increase the number of women voting
  • They speak up for underrepresented communities
  • Women empower each other
Women are more empathetic and nurturing
Finland's new prime minister
Image by on Unsplash

It is the biological truth of our species; women create and carry life within themselves. It is something men cannot do. If one establishes the parallel to politics, it appears only logical that women would care more for their country and their people, or perhaps they would do so in a different manner than men do. They simply execute a very different style of leadership, one that appears to be non-hierarchical and more inclusive.

A scientific publication on the difference in gender behavior supports this assumption, by stating that females exhibit higher rates than males in different forms of empathy. These rates seem to increase and persist into adulthood.

“Please make room”

I am really sorry guys, but women seem to be the better and more carrying world leaders. Please make room for them so that our world can develop and improve much faster. If we’re really honest, you had your chances, didn’t you?

The Parity Bot on Twitter

Evidently, a lot of work still has to be done and even if times are changing, they do so slowly. Additionally, there is a lot of negativity going around when it comes to women in politics. This very article is a manifest against such developments, if but a small one. But there is other positive, far greater progress out there!

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Parity Bot
The ParityBot on Twitter

One such example is the Parity Bot. It sends out a positive tweet every time an AI model detects an abusive tweet directed at a woman in politics. Pretty amazing stuff and technology that is used exactly the right way! Not only does the bot possess the power to raise awareness regarding issues of gender inequality and hate against women in politics, it can also influence politics’ public discourse positively.

In conclusion, All Good Newz is extremely happy over the change that is happening in politics all over the world, regarding the gender gap and powerful and innovative young leaders in general. We also want to congratulate Sanna Marin on becoming Finland’s new prime minister.

Feature image by By Laura Kotila/Valtioneuvoston kanslia, CC BY 4.0,

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