Costa Rica to Ban All Styrofoam Import and Production in 2021

Costa Rica to Ban All Styrofoam Import and Production in 2021

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Costa Rica may be one of the smallest countries in Latin America, but the government’s environmental awareness and action is vast! Next year, the country will put into action a new law that entirely prohibits the import, production and commercialization of styrofoam!

costa rica
One of the most beautiful countries in the world

This country has an extremely rich biodiversity and one of the world’s most beautiful natural environments! Hence, it is extraordinarily positive and joyous that it’s government has decided to focus on environmental protection and restoration wholeheartedly. A reformed Law for the Integral Management of Waste will be put into action in 2021 and includes a complete ban on the so environmentally hazardous styrofoam.

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Styrofoam is heat and humidity resistant, doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t rot. Hence, it can’t be degraded into the environment. We have all seen styrofoam in our rivers, forests, on beaches and in the sea. Apart from that, there are several severe health-related styrofoam dangers. Therefore, it is really awesome that Costa Rica now takes swift action to change this situation. Other countries will most certainly follow their good example!

“It is necessary to make a change in our minds but also in our actions.” – Carlos Alvarado

A message from Costa Rica’s president Carlos Alvarado

The government has already started to introduce an awareness and action plan that will target industries using styrofoam packaging or containers. This reconversion and encouragement promotion will include the development of more eco-friendly alternatives. Additionally, the state will make sure that the industries in question receive financial aides from the Development Banking System and state commercial banking.

And that’s far from everything the country does for the environment! Back in 2018, it passed a law to end the use of all fossil fuels and become the world’s first decarbonized society! Can you dig that drive! Simply Amazing! It is more than obvious that Costa Rica is really environmentally aware and values its beautiful nature.

The effective and smart transformation of a society

It is this type of mindset and swift action that is needed in order to bring about change and improvement. Firstly, the government has to take the first step and demonstrate awareness and willingness. Secondly, swift and broad action that includes the entire society is needed in order to foster development and innovation. And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, there have to be financial incentives and new markets that open up.

Costa Rica is doing everything just right in order to achieve this transformation. They are showing the world how smart, innovative and technological societies can and should function in this new age! Both socially, culturally and economically. It is a model example of the green and ecological state of the 21st century. We at All Good Newz are positively sure that Costa Rica will inspire many other nations to follow in their footsteps!

Feature image by Leonard J. DeFrancisci, CC BY-SA 3.0

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