Positive Coronavirus Updates: Tesla to Manufacture Respirators for Hospitals

Positive Coronavirus Updates: Tesla to Manufacture Respirators for Hospitals


Right now, we all need some positive and hopeful coronavirus updates! One of the world’s largest tech companies is delivering one right now!

Elon Musk and his company Tesla are known for innovation and out-of- the-box thinking. With the growing coronavirus crisis, Tesla is now going to manufacture respirators for hospitals!

All Good Newz wants to remind you to practice social distancing and to follow all reasonable, precautious measures concerning the new coronavirus outbreak. Flattening the curve of infections is a proven and successful way of slowing down the spread and can ensure a sustainable healthcare practice, which in turn can save lives.

America during the coronavirus outbreak

Musk is a genius when it comes to finding new ideas and quickly adapting his company to new trends and demands. New York’s hospitals’ demand for respirators is growing rather quickly, as the state has reported more than 40.000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with more than 21.000 of them just in NYC.

America, where infections are rising rapidly with each new day, is lacking both staff and material, but they are also learning and trying to adapt where they can!

Progress and adaptation is definitely going on in America, which the statistics show quite clearly. When comparing the U.S. and Italy, we must not forget that the two countries now have roughly the same amount of infections, while the U.S. is showing only 1/8 of the deaths that Italy has reported so far. This fact alone is worth being included into today’s positive coronavirus updates, for sure!

One example of how America is adapting to the unfolding situation is the fact that 40.000 health professionals just signed up to join NY’s emergency healthcare force! Another is the truly positive news of car and tech giants taking their corporate social responsibility to the next level. And that’s where Tesla comes in!

Positive coronavirus updates: Tesla is now manufacturing respirators for hospitals

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Elon Musk
By Steve Jurvetson on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

It was last week that Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla could start manufacturing ventilators, if there is a shortage. As is the nature of social media, the tweet got shared around immediately and caught the attention of many!

This is a great positive example of how modern information technology can help get information out and be spread very quickly. This one tweet could actually end up saving many lives!

Musk started to discuss possible deliveries with officials in California and New York. he also briefly explained how both Tesla and SpaceX already manufacture ventilation- and life support systems for their hyper-modern electronic cars and spacecrafts. Building them is therefore not an issue at all.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio: New York is buying!

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Manhattan Bridge, New York

One of the replies Elon Musk got on Twitter came from New York mayor Bill de Blasio, who tweeted that his city will be needing thousands of respirators over the next few weeks, as New York, much like other parts of the U.S., is facing a shortage during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

In his latest statement on Twitter earlier today (Thursday, March 27th), Musk announced that Tesla, in cooperation with Medtronic, is working on delivering hundreds of much needed respirators, starting tonight! These first deliveries are a donation to the city of New York, which, according to me, is an amazing thing to do by Elon Musk!

This was Musk’s second respirator delivery, after having donated over 1000 units to the state of California last week. He bought those respirators to give them to the hospitals in order to save lives. That deserves a tremendous amount of respect, especially, while the president of the United States did not deem it necessary to provide respirators to the hot spots of the American coronavirus outbreak.

Elon Musk also stated that he will reopen a closed Tesla factory in Buffalo, NY, in order to ramp up respirator production to New York City, and any other city or region that might experiences shortages in the upcoming weeks. This also produces a fair amount of local jobs in the city of Buffalo!

Following Tesla’s example, other companies, such as Ford and GM, also promise to aid the medical community with vital equipment, in order to ensure that all the people who are currently ill can get their necessary treatment.

These actions are not only saving lives, they are also brilliant and meaningful marketing ideas that the world will not forget about when this crisis is over! Companies like these also have the means to provide other countries with respirators, and will hopefully do so very soon.

The importance of flattening the curve of infections

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Flattening the curve
Image by CDC

Naturally, a gigantic city like New York, with its 8.6 million inhabitants, can experience harsh and rapid virus outbreaks. The challenge lies in trying to keep the number of new infections as low as possible via flattening the curve, which implies to slow down the spread of a virus infection, so that there is never too many infected people at once. Hence, the healthcare system’s limit in any given country or city is never reached or compromised.

3 things the healthcare system needs during the coronavirus pandemic

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Sufficient numbers of hospital beds and respirators are vital during the coronavirus crisis

For that not to happen during the coronavirus outbreak, 3 vital things have to be in place:

  • a sufficient amount of hospital beds
  • a sufficient amount of staff
  • a sufficient amount of respirators

All of these 3 essentials were not present when the outbreak really started in Italy, which is part of the explanation for the country’s abnormally high death rate.

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If America, with the help of innovative and caring companies such as Tesla, can manage to provide these three essential parts, they will manage to get through this crisis. We wish them, as well as the rest of the world, the best of luck and say thank you to Elon Musk, Tesla and all the hard-working, amazing healthcare staff who are saving lives each and every day right now!

All Good Newz will continue to provide you with positive coronavirus updates. Stay positive, we are all in this together!

Feature image by Windell Oskay from Sunnyvale, CA, USA – Tesla Visit 3, CC BY 2.0

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