Hopeful News From Italy: Decrease in New Coronavirus Cases

Hopeful News From Italy: Decrease in New Coronavirus Cases


Italy has been the absolute epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak and the topic of countless negative news during the last couple of weeks.

Today, the country has seen its lowest percentage increase of new coronavirus cases since the start of the outbreak!

All Good Newz wants to remind you to practice social distancing and to follow all reasonable, precautious measures concerning the new coronavirus outbreak. Flattening the curve of infections is a proven and successful way of slowing down the spread and can ensure a sustainable healthcare practice, which in turn can save lives.

Yesterday, Italy reported a total of 5.217 new coronavirus cases. Today, the number of new cases has dropped to 4.050. With a 2.2%, it’s the country’s lowest daily percentage increase so far. Since the start of the outbreak in Europe, Italy has been the bearer of bad news when it comes to the novel coronavirus. Now, they are slowly seeming to reach their peak and All Good Newz thought it was time to finally write some good news on Italy!

Without a doubt, the country has been through a lot lately, and the path to recovery will be long, both when it comes to the disease and the economic aftermath that awaits. That is why it’s extra important to highlight the positive development that is taking place right now!

Hopefully, the coronavirus cases in Italy will continue to drop

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New coronavirus cases in Italy have now dropped for five days in a row, which is a completely new trend. The number of cases has dropped before, but only for 1-2 days, only to gather new strength and strike again with even more power. Now, after 4 days, the trend could finally be broken!

Here are the stats for the last 5 days:

  • March 26th: 6.203
  • March 27th: 5.989
  • March 28th: 5.974
  • March 29th: 5.217
  • And finally, today, March 30th: 4.050

Especially the numbers between yesterday and today are promising, with a drop in new cases of almost 20%!

Another hopeful coronavirus news from Italy is the number of recovered patients during the last 24h, which also hit a new record high! Today, 1.590 people recovered from Covid-19 in Italy. This is gladdening news indeed.

Italy is leading the way, in some ways

The headlines and news articles on the coronavirus in Italy and how it is showing the future developments of other countries were countless and truly worrisome! Trust me, I myself got impacted by these messages of doom, something which I criticize the general media for a lot!

“Italy is a warning from the future”, we can all recall news headlines like these, I recon. The thing is, simply stating that, without taking into consideration all the important factors that led Italy into this crisis, simply isn’t good journalism. Rather, it’s sensationalism and fear-mongering, of the worst kind, might I add!

Italy is showing the way for some countries, yes, but for a majority of countries, the Italian case is not turning into a reality, the statistics clearly support that. Let’s have a look, shall we!

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Other countries keep managing far better

We have to take into account the countries’ different levels of preparedness and active measures that have been taken. Italy was badly prepared from the start, they literally did not know what had hit them. The case of Italy has however become a case study for other countries, to various degrees. The best way of comparing the different developments and outcomes so far is via comparing the number of cases with the number of deaths, i.e. the death rate.

The U.S. is the country with the most infected cases right now. Here, the death rate is currently at 1.84%. In Italy, it is at 11.4%. Even if we consider that the outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy started roughly 14 days before it started in the U.S., the numbers and the development of the outbreaks are still very different.

The same can be witnessed in Germany, which is geographically very close to Italy and saw its outbreak very soon after Italy got hit. Germany’s extremely low death rate is at an amazing 0.9% right now. It has the absolute lowest death rate in the entire European Union and the country’s leadership has gotten a lot of credit for its crisis management so far.

In conclusion, the outcome of the coronavirus crisis can and probably will look very different in many countries, and right now, the development in many regions around the world does not support the claim that they will follow Italy’s fate, which to me, is rather reassuring. I hope, it will be to you as well. Today’s coronavirus news is definitely a positive such and I strongly hope that many more of this kind will follow. To Italy and the rest of the world: we will get through this, together!

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