Innovative Clean Water Hacks - How Drainage Nets Can Transform Our Environment

Innovative Clean Water Hacks – How Drainage Nets Can Transform Our Environment


Today’s positive news comes from Kwinana, a small city of roughly 40.000 in Western Australia. Together with the Australian water treatment company Urban Asset Solutions, they are tackling the city’s water pollution with a super innovative clean water hack!

The idea is simple, but brilliant; durable and maintainable drainage nets that are installed onto storm water pipes and that effectively capture plastic waste and other solid pollutants. Learn more about the Ecosol Net Tech filter nets that have the ability to transform our environment!

Clean water both inland and offshore thanks to drainage net systems

clean water
Storm drain
Image by Robert Lawton – Wikimedia Commons, Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5

Storm water- or drainage pipes in general are meant to lead excess rain or groundwater away from the inner city areas. Heavy rainfall or flooding can flush large amounts of waste into the drainage systems. The pipes are led outside the cities and release the water into rivers or lakes. Especially near coastal cities, like Kwinana, the rivers then debouch into the open sea.

If you’ve ever noticed the amount of trash around some of these drainage entrance points, you can estimate how much waste is accumulated through them!

water pollution
Kwinana’s Ecosol Net Tech drainage nets capture a lot of waste

Hence, as long as we haven’t completely changed our way of handling our waste, or simply to go zero waste, catching the trash at the end of the storm pipe can be called nothing more than ingenious! It both reduces water pollution and enhances water quality at once!

Causes of water pollution

There are of course many causes of water pollution and nowadays, really clean water is hard to find. If we are talking waste pollution, plastics are undoubtedly the number one pollutant. Over time, they also release substantial amounts of chemicals into the water. But there are other sources of water pollution that decreases the level of water quality:

  • Sewage water
  • Industrial waste
  • fossil fuel burning
  • leakage from landfills
  • agricultural fertilizers and pesticides

Most of these are of a chemical or liquid nature, which means that it is more difficult to simply extract them from the water. Of course, filtration and treatment plants would result in much more clean water, but it is rather uncommon that drainage water passes through such facilities.

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Water pollution solutions for solid waste

Solid pollutants on the other hand are rather easy to filter out and capture. That’s where the awesomely innovative Ecosol Net Tech drainage nets come in! Below, you see a freshly installed drainage net waiting to be fed with waste.

Innovative Clean Water Hacks - How Drainage Nets Can Transform Our Environment 1
Empty drainage net at the end of the line

Looks kind of funny like that doesn’t it? Well, compare that to the image below and notice the difference. This tiny net turned into a powerful waste trap, all on its on and without any effort. It just traps the waste, that’s what it was designed for, and that’s all it does! How cool is that!

clean water
A well filled drainage net at the end of the line

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Besides being extremely effective, the drainage nets have many other benefits and technical features:

  • low energy footprint
  • low visual impact
  • highly cost effective
  • very easy to maintain
  • designed hydraulics with proven performance and longevity
  • minimal hydraulic impact

In other words, it’s a very easy way to reduce water pollution, clean up the environment and to get clean water. Due to the reduced levels of water pollution, over time, water quality also improves, which is extremely important.

How are the drainage nets emptied and maintained?

The innovative minds from Urban Asset Solutions have thought of a simple and effective way to maintain and empty the drainage nets as well!

clean water solutions
A newly emptied drainage net, ready to go again

Due to their simple and long-lasting design, they are both easily installed and taken off. They require virtually no structural change to the storm water systems and can virtually fit any type or form of outlet. Another huge advantage is the fact that the drainage nets can even be installed to submerged outlets, where it otherwise would be difficult or impossible to get a waste capturing system in place.

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Once the net is filled up, it is its own weight that causes it do disengage from the storm water pipe. A pull cord connected to the main unit then tightens around the net throat, making sure that the captured pollutants remain inside the net. So, if you think of the net as a garbage bag, it even closes itself up when full and sinks to the bottom, ready to be picked up by a maintenance crew.

Innovative Clean Water Hacks - How Drainage Nets Can Transform Our Environment 2
Clean water in a beautiful stream
Image by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

Look at this stream, really look at it! It, together with millions of other streams, rivers and lakes provide us with the so vital clean water that we need to survive. It is thanks to them that we thrive on this earth. The city of Kwinana came up with this amazing idea and after implementing it, they easiliy and effortlessly managed to drastically minimize the city’s environmental impact on the drainage network, river systems and the ocean.

It is companies like Urban Asset Solutions and their brilliant innovations that can make such a difference! One simple idea resulted in an immensely positive environmental impact and such installations should be spread all over the world, so that there can be clean water everywhere! If the little city of Kwinana can do it, then the rest of us surely can too!

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