4ocean - The Plastic Cleaners of the Seven Seas

4ocean – Plastic Cleaners of the Seven Seas

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We have all seen plastic floating around in our local pond, in a river, the sea, or lying around on an otherwise beautiful beach. But how many of us would go ahead and pick up that trash? All Good Newz was lucky enough to interview, and write an article about, a group of genuine environmental heroes who do pick up all that trash, on a large-scale basis. Meet 4ocean – the plastic cleaners of the seven seas!

The 4ocean founders
Alex and Andrew – the innovative founding fathers of 4ocean

You can get both lyrical and tear-eyed when reading about all the good and hard work this company is doing. What a level of determination!

I asked 4ocean where all the love for the sea and the environment comes from originally.

– Since Andrew and Alex are avid surfers, on their trip to Bali (which is what actually made them come up with the idea to start the company), seeing the amount of plastic and trash in the ocean was heartbreaking. Not just for the marine life, but also for the people living in the area. The ocean is in their veins. It’s a part of who they truly are and that’s what makes 4ocean so special to all of us.

Ocean plastic clean up

And so a totally new idea and company was born. Things got done right and fast; the company was founded in January of 2017, not even three years ago! Since then, their impact and work has reached far and is expanding. They have crews in Florida, Haiti and Bali and a large and engaged social media community.

I got curious about one of their core values: Think big, act quickly

– The bigger we think, the quicker and harder we’ll have to work to bring the idea to fruition. We want to make an impact now, and if we just sit on ideas, the opportunity might pass us by. If we think big, in turn, we hope to inspire others to think big as well.

plastic in the sea
4ocean went from vision to reality in no time at all

Big thoughts and ideas need big and swift actions! The issue of plastic pollution in our oceans is gigantic and demands nothing short of a gigantic way of dealing with it! Billions of pounds of plastic can be found in our oceans and plastic accounts for 90% of all the floating waste at sea. Evidently, lots of work has to be done and our planet is in need of companies that tackle this massive issue. 4ocean is a perfect example of that. They have managed to turn an idea, a vision, into a reality.

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They have equally rapidly managed to engage a large amount of people to be part of that reality. The more people who join, the cleaner the oceans and beaches become. The results are truly awe-inspiring! Since 2017, 4ocean has collected an incredible total of 7,313,087 lbs of plastic! 4ocean – plastic cleaners of the seven seas; indeed!

How does it feel to influence so many people?

– We’re truly happy to be able to make an impact! It’s heartwarming to know that we’ve raised awareness and inspired so many people to join in on the movement. We can’t do this alone, so having so many supporters to help influence and educate others makes us so happy. We have crews on the beach seven days a week at all three division locations, and what they do is incredible!

the 4ocean crew

Imagine the way it must feel to see an entire beach free of plastic waste! To really have positively impacted and transformed a part of nature and to know that it was your time, your hands and your efforts that did it!

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In my last question, I asked 4ocean about their ultimate goal; what’s the endgame?

– Our ultimate goal is to have a clean ocean and coastlines. We sometimes joke that we hope we’re out of a job one day, or that we have to find another way to keep the business alive because the oceans are clean and we’ve completed our mission! We know it won’t happen overnight, but we’re certainly in it for the long-haul.

All Good Newz wants to thank 4ocean for this interview and the incredible work they are doing for our planet!